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Ollycom Data & Fibre Cabling

OllyCom provide robust and reliable data infrastructure from super fast fibre up-links to wireless connectivity short and long distance!

With a carefully selected range of suppliers OllyCom can cater for all business needs, not just phone systems.


OllyCom offer structured cabling installation services and we are one of the leading companies installing this kind of cabling for data networks. Structured cabling is the central core to all data networks in any business, small or large. We believe it’s the vital backbone to any data infrastructure whether that be cat5e cabling, cat6 or fibre optic cable.

OllyCom have accredited engineers that work hard to make sure your infrastructure is installed right the first time with test results to prove it.


It is not “just a cable” it is the glue that keeps your business connected to the digital world, and when you are not connected to that world the business starts to slow down. With our knowledge built up over many years we know how important it is to have a back up so with this in mind we advise on network layouts and provide network design services too.


If you would like to know more about how we could install a robust network for your business the call us on 01282332046 or send an e-mail to

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