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Your customers expect Wi-Fi access. Whether you’re a single coffee shop or a large chain of restaurants, customers want to be able to access the internet – for free. But there’s a problem, it costs money and this only increases with the more sites you have.

Its time “Free” Wi-Fi started to payback!



By plugging in a Social Wi-Fi box from OllyCom.

This box not only looks smart but it also transforms your Wi-Fi provision into an A grade Marketing Machine!



The social Wi-Fi solution comes with many amazing benefits including:

  • Automatically obtain and update customer information from real visiting customers.
  • Target the right people, at the right time, with the right message.
  • Automatically increase your social media presence.
  • Automatically improving your brand awareness.
  • Allows you to understand and truly know your customers.
  • Export and integrate this valuable data into offline marketing activities.
  • Automatically build a valid and reliable database.
  • Automatically re-engage with real customers at a later date.

Saves you time and makes your life easier!


Does Social Wi-Fi:

Increase Brand Awareness – Yes

Increase Social Engagement – Yes

Obtain Valid and Reliable data – Yes

Encouraging Repeat Customers – Yes

Make your life easier – YES!!!


How It Works

Social Wi-Fi not only provides great marketing tools to aid the increase of sales but also makes it easier for customers to access your Wi-Fi provision.


No more complex passwords!

Only three simple steps are required for users to access your Wi-Fi and like your services.


Superfast and super reliable fibre broadband with no limits, no restrictions and no worries. If you’re looking for a package that provides your business with a reliable connection to the internet, that’s backed by a UK-based support team you’ve come to the right place. Choose from either OllyCom’s broadband with line rental bundle or broadband without line rental (please be aware that you must still have line rental with another provider).


Business Superfast Fibre Broadband

We’re continually investing in our next generation network to deliver competitively priced business-class ADSL, Fibre and FTTP services, to power start-ups and small businesses across the UK. Choose from our broadband with line rental bundle or broadband without line rental (please be aware that you must still have line rental with another provider).

All of our broadband packages from standard ADSL broadband to Fibre to the cabinet broadband come with a free wireless enabled router and a free static IP address.

Download speeds go up to 80Mbps and your upload speeds (Which are just as important) go up to 20Mbps, bringing your network in to a world that will support many hosted solutions.

Fibre to the Premise Broadband. (FTTP)

FTTP broadband is limited in the UK but has massive benefits for businesses wanting to stay connected with massive amounts of bandwidth. (Download and Upload speeds)

We can check to see if you are in an FTTP enabled area if you like all we need is your address and landline number, or just your address if you are unsure of your landline number.

Again our FTTP solutions come with a free wireless enabled router and a free static IP address but speeds on these circuits go upto 330Mb download and 20Mbps upload.