The Problem

We were contacted by the owners of the Bike and Boot hotel in Scarborough who needed a solution for their data network in their new build hotel.

As the Bike and Boot hotel was a new build there was no network cabling or infrastructure available. The hotel needed a plan so that the whole hotel could support the network access required to run smoothly.

The plan included installation and configuration of a reliable WiFi and Data Infrastructure to support guest and corporate style wifi and corporate data connectivity for services such as staff check in terminals, guest booking in services, EPOS payment systems and day to day laptop and desktop connectivity.


Wifi access was needed for all guests, staff also needed to connect to a corporate network to be able to process day to day services.

We needed to plan around the fact that there is a “1Gbps Leased line” for broadband access, so we needed all hardware to be able to support 1Gbps speeds as well for the high demand of wifi services such as Chromecast TV solutions.

The Solution

We worked closely with the project planners so that our plan covered everything this new-build hotel needed to support its guests and staff.

The initial issue to resolve was where to install the network cabinets and the network infrastructure to be able to provide network connectivity throughout the hotel. Each guest room has a TV which required a network port and also needed WiFi access for the Chromecast capabilities provided by a 3rd party. Each corridor had at least 6 wireless Access Points in for guest rooms and the basement and ground floor have 6 or 7 access points to provide guest and staff access too.


As there was a “1Gbps Leased line” for broadband access, we needed all hardware to be able to support 1Gbps speeds. With this in mind all the backbone hardware such as the Firewall and Router and Switches needed to be capable even down to the cabling that was installed. All uplink cables were at least Cat6 cabling and the runs from the switches to the endpoints such as Till, TV’s and Wireless Access points were Cat6.

All Cabling was tested so that connectivity was available, all services such as Tills, Guest Check-in, TV’s, PC/Laptop connectivity is now available throughout giving everyone access anywhere in the hotel.

The Outcome

From a completely blank canvas the Bike & Boot Hotel now has an infrastructure in place that provides excellent connectivity throughout every room, corridor and office. The guest rooms are equipped with Chromecast Internet Tv’s with 100mb downloads. With multiple wireless access points in throughout the hotel, connection is never an issue.

This allows the hotel to run smoothly and ensures that all guests have a fantastic experience from the virtual check-in arrival to the fast wi-fi that is free throughout the hotel.


John Burlinson
“Highly professional and knowledgeable telecommunications company. Olly designed and installed a large scale Wifi system in a hotel for us. Works great and excellent after care”
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