OllyCom supports a wide range of public and private sector organisations throughout the UK and beyond

OllyCom supports a wide range of public and private sector organisations from local government, housing and hospitals to travel, hospitality, shopping centres, professional services and manufacturing with their technology solutions.

Whilst there is no one size fits all when it comes to your market sector technology solutions, our experience in the various sectors means that we are familiar with many of the operational challenges faced and have an extensive portfolio of solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Public Sector

Whether looking to increase productivity, add flexibility or improve customer experience public sector procurements are now all about achieving specific outcomes. Not the technologies, products and solutions used to achieve them. It’s an approach that favours alert and quick-thinking vendors.

OllyCom can support you with all aspects of your Digital Transformation.

Private Sector

Whether moving, merging or looking to add competitive advantage, there is a real need to work with suppliers who can innovate and help liberate the true value of existing systems and telecoms investments. Because doing more with less has never been as important.

OllyCom is able to deliver flexibility, mobility, collaboration and customer experience.

Leisure Sector

In the leisure sector, telecoms remain a key challenge, particularly for newly established plots. More building, more new sites, more need for easily manageable and mobile communications.

Making the move to cloud communications has been key to driving operational success in this sector. With flexibility and mobility in mind.

Ollycomcan help make your site/sites work in a way thats best for you and your clients.

Retail Sector

In the retail sector there’s a large and complex communication and network estate to manage. Multiple lines of business applications to control. New offices and branches to bring online, others to take offline. Issues to resolve. It’s a full time job just maintaining the status quo.

OllyCom can help you manage those issues with a bespoke solution.

Manufacturing Sector

In the Manufacturing Sector, you often face enterprise-sized challenges. Reducing costs, increasing profitability, managing growth and uncertainty.

But you face IT challenges too. As businesses grow – organically and by acquisition – Telecoms can get left behind. Sometimes it’s a capacity problem. Sometimes it’s an integration problem.

OllyCom can help you work towards growth and profitability.

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