Caravan Broadband Services

Ollycom Caravan Broadband Services

We believe that no matter where you are you should be able to benefit from a reliable internet connection just like if you was back at home during the normal working week. No matter how rural the location of your caravan or glamping destination we can provide a connection that is dedicated to your caravan.


Using todays latest wireless technology we can distribute superfast broadband speeds directly to your caravan which will then allow us to install a wifi enabled router inside your caravan too, which will give you the same experience as being at home.

What is Caravan Broadband Solutions?

CBS is a fast and affordable broadband solution dedicated for the caravan park.


Unlike Wifi, CBS provides a dedicated broadband connection separately to each caravan.

How it works

We will connect from the nearest access point and wirelessly bring broadband straight to you with very little cabling.
Ubiquit Guest Wifi Access Point
Caravan and Home wifi


• Affordable & dedicated broadband.
• Flexible contracts.
• Unlimited usage.
• Connect to iPlayer, Netflix and others.
• Connect multiple devices.

Ubiquiti Wifi Access Point for Caravan Broadband


• Fast speeds.
• Not tied into long terms contracts.
• Stable & reliable.
• Maintenance included.
• Quick & easy set up, approx. 2 hours