Partnership With Glampitect

 Partnership With Glampitect.

OllyCom is announcing our partnership with Glampitect.

Glampitect is the UK’s no.1 glamping design agency.
They offer a turn-key solution to getting your glamping business started by taking your vision and making it into a reality. The services on offer cover planning applications, feasibility studies and marketing including social media, website and channel manager solutions. Having built and managed their own glamping sites within the UK successfully, and with expansion into the UAE being announced in in early 2021, Glampitect are proving they are key players within the glamping industry.

OllyCom are looking forward to the partnership and working alongside one another to help Glampitect find the correct telecommunication solution for Glamping sites up and down the UK. OllyCom bring with us, experience when dealing with Glamping parks of all sizes. We run surveys for Glamping parks that may be struggling with broadband connectivity and the best way to distribute broadband and wifi to their ever-growing list of lodges and pods!

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