4G Rural Sim Cards

4g Sim Card Solutions For Rural Internet Connections

We have fantastic news for our rural clients that struggle to provide wi-fi throughout businesses like glamping and caravan sites! OllyCom has recently signed up with a partner to be able to provide 4G sim cards from various providers such as 02, Vodafone, EE and Three.

We are now offering 30 day 4G sim cards with o2 and Vodafone. We can also offer unlimited data 4G sim cards for caravans and rural places making it much easier to provide great wi-fi to your employees and clients.

So how does having a mobile 4G sim card help provide a great rural wi-fi solution?

If you haven’t got access to fibre broadband or struggle to send the signal to the far reaches of your site then a 4G sim card could be a perfect, low cost solution for you. Quite simply we use a 4G sim cards in a similar way to how it works in your phone. Using the latest technology we are able to connect to 4G, then using an antenna we install on the outside of your building or caravan we then draw down the signal through a discreet cable into a 4G enabled wi-fi router.

4g Technology

30 Day Sims

Great Connectivity

For the end user this is as familiar as their home set up, you connect your devices to your router and you are all set. With a great reliable connection via the 4G sim card it is perfect for working remotely or just enjoying streaming the latest box set.

Competitively priced to be about the same as standard broadband and delivering great wi-fi, a 4G sim card could be the solution you need without the hassle of installing lines in hard to reach areas.

Get in touch today to see how OllyCom can help to get your rural business internet needs covered simply and effectively.

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