Glamping Wi-Fi

Glamping Wi-Fi

One of the biggest issues our Glamping Wi-Fi clients face is the rural aspect of the connectivity that they require, we specialise in rural connectivity and have a solution for you and your customers.

A great glamping wi-fi service is fast becoming one of the most important requirements on a glampers list. Long gone are the days of soggy barbeques and damp sleeping bags. Todays glampers want luxury. Hot tubs, real beds, log burners and the latest film streamed seamlessly on Netflix.

No one wants to see the buffer circle appear whilst in the most crucial moments of a film, or to be unable to log on to their work laptop for an important zoom meeting. In the grip of the current pandemic climate more and more people are looking for a solution to holidaying abroad. Far from the hardened campers that usually frequent camp sites our new glamping cliental are expecting glamping wi-fi as standard.

This year has brought many challenges for tourism but providing a glamping wi-fi service shouldn’t be one of them.

The Ollycom team have relished these challenges and enjoyed creating fantastic glamping wi-fi solutions for our clients and their businesses. As well as taking us to some of the most beautiful parts of the UK it has really opened our eyes to what a great escape glamping can be in these stressful times.

We have created a number of bespoke glamping wi-fi solutions for our clients. Clients that have a service in place, but want to improve on it, have been thrilled to be able to provide wi-fi to pods stretched out over several acres. Solar solutions for clients that are ‘off grid’ are really exciting and we are now able to provide solar hubs to make sure even the most rural campsites can still enjoy a glamping wi-fi service. One of our clients required their six glamping pods to be hardwired which we completed in record time with the minimal amount of disruption.

Technology is changing all the time and we love to embrace these changes and bring an unparalleled service to our clients. Get in touch for a chat about how Ollycom can help your rural glamping business thrive with first class glamping wi-fi.

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