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Grandstream 810

Grandstream WP-810 cordless Wi-Fi IP phone

One of the biggest issues our rural clients face is communicating with each other and their customers when they are unable to stay in the office all day.

Mobile signals in rural areas can be hit and miss, not to mention expensive if you have to provide a phone for every member of your team. For caravan and camping sites this can be a real issue, great for when you want to enjoy peace at its best but not so good when being uncontactable can actually lose you business. Standard DECT solutions can be handy around the office but when you are called out to show a guest to their pitch you soon lose signal. No signal means no calls and you are then relying on the customer to leave a message. In a society when many people want an instant result they may choose not to leave a message but carry on and call the next site on their list.

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More and more holidaymakers are demanding site wide WiFi when camping and caravanning. We are helping lots of clients achieve this with our WiFi and broadband solutions. However after doing some research for a client that needed a phone system we realised how frustrating it must be, tied to the office, waiting for a call and then usually missing it as soon as you step outside.

Quite simply when a business needs you to be out and about on site you still need to be easily contacted. Mobile phones for a whole team can be costly and rely on a good signal which in many rural areas still isn’t possible. So when we tested a WiFi phone this week we realised what an asset it would be for our rural clients.

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The Grandstream WP810 is a fantastic WiFi enabled walk about phone that can be used across your whole site. The wireless phone offers a real solution for camping and caravan sites that have site wide wifi available. With a 6 hour talk time, 120 hour standby battery and dual-band wifi support the WP810 is perfect for keeping in touch with your team and never missing a call from your customers ever again. You can also forward calls between your team. Headphones are easily fitted meaning that not only will you not miss that call you can also be handsfree to take notes when needed.


We were so impressed by this phone because of the many benefits we know our clients would enjoy. The WP810 would certainly increase productivity for the customer side of the business however it would also mean your team would run more efficiently. Just being able to update your team with a quick call when they are on site takes a lot of stress out of managing a rural business.  Always being contactable within business hours when based in a rural site environment is so important to our clients and this brilliant little phone is perfect for the job.


The WP810 has definitely got a big thumbs up from our team!


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