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Home WiFi Part One

WiFi in the home is a massive part of our daily lives, we use it to connect all sorts devices that connect us to our favorite applications and services, however it does not always suit our needs and we become very frustrated with it!! … And this is why I have decided to type up a two part article to try and help you with you problems.

One of the main issues with our WiFi at home is purely down to the location of our WiFi router, in many cases it is installed in an area that simply does not allow the WiFi signal to traverse correctly, I cannot tell you how many times I have been to faults to find the router has been installed behind a large wide screen telly or in a boiler cupboard or in a TV cabinet. your router needs space to breathe … so give it some space!! If you can, move it from behind your telly, take it out of any enclosed spaces and stand it up right as it should be giving it some free space to send signal around your house.

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Once you have your router positioned in a better place you should notice some increase in WiFi reach, this doesn’t always happen but it will certainly help with connectivity as a minimum. (If you still have issues connecting in areas of the house we will cover how to resolve this later) We now need to take some time to see how many devices are connecting, as a minimum each member of the household has one WiFi device, then we need to take in to account everything else that is connecting i.e games consoles, heating devices such as Nest, CCTV systems etc. and we must also be aware that many home WiFi routers don’t really deal to well with 10 or more devices (In my experience anyway) If you can connect devices such as games consoles via an ethernet cable then do so as this will free up some of the WiFi space available. (Smart TV’s come with an ethernet port too, get them connected where you can as they hog your WiFi signal) You can log in to your WiFi router to check who is connected to your WiFi and also see what devices are connected via Ethernet cable too. (Login details can normally be found on the bottom or the back of your router)

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In many cases across the UK people suffer with the fact that you cannot get WiFi in some areas of the house, and this is mainly because your WiFi router is installed down stairs behind the TV. No need to worry now though as there are plenty of “WiFi Mesh” solutions out there such as the Tenda Nova and the Ubiquiti Amplifi solutions. (Check our Youtube out to find more info on WiFi Mesh Technology¬†https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxDyaBtfUHblh-2trzFYhQ?)

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