Caravan and Home wifi

Caravan and Home WiFi with the Ubiquiti aircube

The Ubiquiti Aircube provides wide area coverage beyond regular WiFi access points with its innovative super antenna, allowing you to place the aircube anywhere in your home knowing, and it won’t look out of place with it’s super sleek look and mat black colour.

The Ubiquiti Aircube comes in two different models the ACB-ISP and the ACB-AC there are not many differences between the two apart from the main differnece being the ISP provides 2.4ghz WiFi and the AC provides both 2.4 and 5ghz WiFi. (More details below for specifications)

The Ubiquiti Aircbue has been used by OllyCom pretty much since it’s release and allows us to provide great connectivity within caravans, glamping pods, bell tents and many more rural locations including homes all around Lancashire and the UK using fixed line broadband and wireless broadband.

With it’s unique and well thought out design the Aircube allows you to be able to directly connect devices such as consoles, laptops, TV’s and more using an ethernet cable to the 3 available ports located at the back of the WiFi Access point. (ISP runs at 10/100mbps per port and AC runs at 1000mbps per port)

The Aircube also comes with an LED status light at the bottom that can be configured in a way that it turns off during the night and comes back on in the day dependent on sleeping patterns! (It is the small things that count!)

To find out more about how OllyCom can provide better broadband services to your caravan, home, business or rural location in Lancashire and beyond then get in touch on the details below.



As promised here is the data sheet with full details of the AirCube, just click here

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