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Plan a movie night for your next countryside getaway

How to plan a movie night for your next countryside getaway

Countryside escapes are popular for a reason. They offer a whole host of open-air activities that allow you and your family to immerse yourself in nature and all the wildlife it has to offer. However, once the sun has gone down or the rain starts to fall, you may find yourself wondering – what do we do now?! Sure, you can read a book, and the kids can play games, but sometimes you need entertainment that everyone can enjoy together.

This is why, at some countryside escapes holiday-makers can now make the most of super-fast and reliable Wi-Fi services. Fibre broadband connectivity was recently installed by OllyCom across the three incredibly popular sites, Killerby Old Hall in Scarborough, Catgil Campsite in Bolton Abbey, and Shireburne Park in Clitheroe – allowing holidaymakers a chance to make their stay extra cosy and fun, whether staying in a caravan, cottage, leisure parks or glamping. The super reliable Wi-Fi solutions allow guests to stream services such as Netflix, Sky Sports and much more, simply by connecting to the new Wi-Fi. So, when you’re enjoying your next countryside getaway, why not plan a movie night to help you and your family to unwind?

Remember your mobile device

Unless your chosen destination is fitted with televisions that can connect to internet streaming services, the chances are that you will have to pack a mobile device suitable for connecting to your chosen streaming service. Laptops are a great option for those who aren’t limited with their packing, allowing you to prop your screen at an angle that best suits you. However, for those packing light, tablets are a fantastic idea for camping and glamping due to their portability and versatility. Some accessories allow you to prop your screen at an angle, however if you’re staying in a tent with a mesh gear loft, try lying your device flat facing down through the mesh – this will allow you to lie back in your sleeping bag, relax and enjoy your chosen TV show, movie or sports. Smartphones are also a great idea for those conscious about packing light, as you’ll probably already be packing your phone in case of emergencies. The Wi-Fi services offered at Killerby Old Hall, Catgil Campsite and Shireburne Park are incredibly reliable, so you won’t have to worry about losing connection and bad signal!

Pack accordingly

When packing ahead of your trip, spare a thought for the evenings and rainy days that you might want to spend catching up on TV, films or sports. Not only will you need your mobile device, but something to charge it with too. If you are planning a stay in a cottage or caravan, there will probably be electricity you can use to keep your device charged. However, for those glamping and camping, you may want to consider a solar charger that will charge your device with solar power rather than electricity. However, you should note that this option may require some patience! Another packing requirement that some may consider equally as important as chargers – snacks and refreshments! Make sure you are fully prepared to enjoy your movie night to the max. Maybe have a big flask to hand filled with hot tea or hot chocolate, and stock up on snacks such as crisps and popcorn.

Create your ideal movie night set-up

So, now you have a suitable device and sufficient snacks, all that is left is to turn your rental or tent into the ultimate cosy movie night location. This can be easily done with blankets, cushions and maybe a bit of mood lighting. If you’re staying in a cottage or caravan then you have probably been able to pack a blanket, and there is probably a comfortable seating area, cushions and a duvet ready for you to snuggle under. However, camping is usually a different story. See if your sleeping bag has a zip that runs all the way down, allowing it to double up as a duvet. And many compact, solar-powered tent lights offer a mood light setting that will help you relax and unwind while streaming your movie.


If you own a camping, glamping or caravan site and want to see how we can upgrade your current system to meet the demands of todays internet users then give us a call on 01282332046. If you are a traveler reading our blog then have fun in the countryside!

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