How to improve business conference calls with VoIP

Conference calling has long been an essential part of business communications, and today as businesses grow and encompass global markets, they are using this tool more than ever before. Conference call technologies have evolved over recent years, now offering extensive features, and catering for a variety of conference call sizes. Telecoms providers, such as Yealink, have long offered conference call features; however, the services can often be expensive, including unnecessary features that many won’t use. Furthermore, variations in technology and connections often meant that conference calls were hard to set up and maintain. VoIP technology merely relies on internet connection, setting the scene for more efficient and productive conference calls.


What is VoIP

For a successful VoIP call, callers will only need a reliable broadband or WiFi connection. VoIP utilises internet connection to transmit clear voice signals. Due to the way it is set-up, the number of people on the call does not make a difference to the quality. As long as the callers have adequate bandwidth, every voice on the call will be clear. Fibre broadband especially, or WiFi amplification systems such as those from Ubiquiti, will lead to the clearest audio and video quality. VoIP also makes the set-up of conference calls quicker, easier and more efficient. Each call can be switched from the normal mode to conference mode with ease. The video aspect also allows for face-to-face communication that can act as a replacement for meetings, ideal for fitting meetings into busy schedules.


How VoIP can be used as a tool for better business

VoIP is being used by businesses all over the world in multiple ways that boost productivity, save time and save money. Meetings are a necessary part of most businesses, allowing for collaboration and deliberation. Meetings usually have to be organised to fit schedules, so team members and business partners can be in the same room at the same time – VoIP allows for teams to gather wherever they might be in the world. A conference call allows every voice to be heard, and whiteboard features replace tools you might use in the office. VoIP conference calls can also reduce meeting times as it works to streamline the collaboration process. Many businesses have also found that VoIP has made recruiting processes easier and more efficient, allowing you to remotely contact candidates instead of wasting time with multiple in-person meetings.

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