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Yealink T5 Enterprise VoIP phones

The new Yealink T5 Enterprise VoIP phone are taking the industry by storm.

It is not hard to see why the new T5 Enterprise VoIP phones are taking the industry by storm. With their ergonomic design and latest features the T5 series phones are more than just a device.

They have the features and feel of a mobile phone with touch screen technology and emailing systems but keep the quality of the desk phone. We have successfully tested some of the features including background branding and recording calls to USB. The upper end of the devices have a built in WiFi adapter for areas lacking cabling and can also have a DECT module installed for wired to wireless connectivity. In a noisy open office environment, having a phone that shields background noise, means users can continue to make important business calls without having to leave the room. The acoustic shield technology of the New T5 Business Phone Series that picks up only the speaker’s voice while blocking background noise, can mean more productivity for the entire team.

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