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Whether you call it Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Voice over Broadband (VoBB), IP communications or hosted PBX it’s undeniable that it is the future for office telephone systems. No longer just a reliable alternative to the old traditional telephony systems, it is now the modern replacement for PBX systems and others which offers great flexibility and a far superior return for you money.

When VoIP was first developed in 1995 there were issues with reliability and call quality due to the internet speeds available at the time. However fast forward 15 years later when broadband is common place in businesses, hosted telephone systems have been able to thrive not only offering reliability equal to that of traditional landlines but also able to offer better call quality.

The flexibility available on VoIP systems greater than traditional systems which is made easy through our user friendly portal. Power cut at the office? Divert the line to another site or mobile in seconds! Setting up a new office? Order additional handsets, plug them in and you’re good to go! No costly initial outlay means that if business requirements change you can adjust your setup accordingly. It is our most popular telephone system for a reason!

There are hundreds of features available to suit all types of business models! If you would like further information then please call on 012823320465 or send an e-mail to

Hosted VoiP Benefits


Hosted telephony is communication as a service. With our Hosted PBX solution you can grow and shrink as your company requires be that due to company expansion or seasonal staff. With a hosted telephone systems solution it’s possible to have 10 users one month and 100 the next.


We understand that sometimes business communication needs grow and sometimes they contract, this could be seasonal or efficiency related. With our hosted solution you can cancel licenses with a months’ notice without having needed to invest in the capital expenditure for a larger system to begin with. With the ability to log on from anywhere you will no longer need a new PBX for a new site – as long as you have internet your PBX is ready and waiting for you to connect.


With years of experience in VoIP we know reliability is key. As a result, Our hosted solution is built on a reliable SIP network and shares its key redundant features including; multiple carrier interconnects, dual fibre ring between data centres, hot standby infrastructure, 24 hour monitoring and UK dedicated support.

Enterprise VoiP

Number Porting

Worried about changing provider and keeping your business number? No problem we have that covered, Bring your numbers with you. We have our own porting desk and can port most numbers on to our platform.


Connectivity is paramount to the success of deploying a hosted application no matter if it’s for a single user or large office. OllyCom has an established history of supplying data connectivity for voice applications, and backed by some of the biggest names in the industry. By buying the connectivity from us you know it will be suitable for all your needs.


A range of handsets can be purchased or rented direct from us. You are more than welcome to bring your own device (BYOD). Handset purchased or rented from us will be automatically configured. BYOD can be either configured manually or we can configure them for you (cost based on application). We only offer support on handsets purchased from directly from us. OllyCom partner with Yealink who currently provide a lifetime warranty on their T4xx model phones, what isn’t to like about that?

Small business VoiP


Small businesses need the flexibility to be able to grow, not a problem with our hosted VoiP just give us a call and we will activate a new user. A licence is provided per user and not per device enabling you to use what device you want to when you want to. At your desk a hard wired phone, out of the office, wherever there’s a Wi-Fi connection an Apple or Android device.


Configuring handsets can be a nightmare. If you buy your handsets from us we will auto-provision them for you. This means the phones will work from the moment you get them, no fiddly configuration needed. If you’re a techy type and want to bring your own we will be happy for you to do that but feature support may be limited.

Number Provisioning

Need a new number for your new or expanding business? … OllyCom has an extensive range of UK numbers covering 90% of the UK we can also provide international numbers. We charge a one off fee for UK numbers; however we don’t charge a recurring rental for managing UK numbers. Watch out as many providers will charge a monthly fee for numbers.

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